3 Point Pressure
The Spinamic brace generates desirable mechanical force based on the principle of three points lateral compression to achieve the whole body alignment and balance.
The “Spinamic” is tailor-made for each patient. The measuring and processing of the measurements and data is completely taken care of by the patients own physician

Compression Dials
Compression-strength-adjustable dials to provide appropriate amount
of therapy for each patient

Clinically Proven

Smart Solution

There are 42 types of scoliosis due to different curves in thoracic and lumbar spine. Our patient management system enables us to manufacture products that can effectively treat different types of scoliosis with right amount of therapy that each patient deserves. Each device is customized for each patient from the manufacturing process.
The Spinamic brace can be used for 2~3 years average (thanks to its adjusting parts) depending on growing speed of the child. A hard type molded brace will be completely replaced in accordance with the changing of the body shape.


Made Just For You
Through our patient data analysis algorithm, our product is manufactured
at a highly personalized manner.

Image Analysis
Spine deformity angle analysis, Patient growth potential analysis

Dynamic Analysis
Exercise ability analysis, Body development/growth/balance analysis

Behavior Analysis
Patient life pattern and wearing time management