1. Is the sagittal alignment involved in the corrective process? (are there some changes in the thoracic kyphosis and/or lumbar lordosis?)

  • Firstly, Spinamic brace is tightened up against the body via compression dials, therefore helping to achieve sagittal alignment.
  • Secondly, the band structure which wraps around from behind to front of the body puts pressure throughout the whole spine while exerting 3 point pressure, helping to achieve sagittal alignment.
  • Spinamic 1.1, our upcoming upgraded version of Spinamic will have plastic material supporting structure to maximize sagittal alignment.

2. How does the brace change in consideration of the different types of curve in idiopathic scoliosis?

Spinamic brace comes in different types to cover most of patients with different curves. Also, for special cases, band can be repositioned through alteration according to patient’s curve.

3. How does the de-rotation of the vertebral bodies take place? Are just the stripes or also the pads are involved in the process (the pads are a bit posterior so maybe also they are involved in it) ?

The band structure which warps around from the back to front of the body generates twisting force which helps with the derotation of the vertebral body. In addition to the band structure, pads put forward pressure, correcting the derotation.

Some x-ray images of before and in brace of patients (click X-ray to enlarge):